A webinar titled: “How can one effectively showcase their startup during a pitch?” was conducted at Uzhhorod National University (UzhNU)

On Thursday, February 29th 2024, the Startup Center of Uzhhorod National University initiated a webinar aimed at students, graduate students, and young researchers on the topic: “How can one effectively showcase their startup during a pitch?”

Approximately 50 students and young scholars from five structural units, namely the dental, physical, and biological faculties, the faculty of information technologies, as well as the Scientific and Educational Institute of Chemistry and Ecology, participated in the webinar. The event was addressed by Kateryna Skubenych, Head of the Department of Patent and Licensing Providing and Commercialization. The webinar was conducted within the framework of the implementation of the international scientific project “Deep Tech Empowerment for Higher Education Institutions” Skills2Scale.


During the webinar, participants were provided with insights on developing a successful startup project, assembling a startup team, understanding the role of a mentor and their contributions, as well as the importance of seeking mentorship support in a startup context. Additionally, attendees were guided on how to identify potential investors for implementing their startup projects.

Also presenting at the webinar was Inha Besehanych, a Master of the Faculty of Foreign Philology and an engineer at the Department of Scientific Grant Activities. She informed participants about the Massive online open course “5G Technologies and Business Innovation Potential“, designed for students, postgraduates, and young researchers from higher education institutions. This course aims to provide new knowledge on the utilization of advanced technologies, offering comprehensive information on the fundamentals of 5G and Beyond 5G technologies, highlighting their immense potential for innovation.


All participants of the webinar expressed satisfaction with the communication and information exchange, and also highlighted the benefits of conducting such events aimed at enhancing the quality of innovative and entrepreneurial education.