5G and Entrepreneurship Ecosystem at the University of Lapland

Author: Laura Ulatowski

The Arctic Centre, University of Lapland hosted as part of the EIT HEI SKills2Scale project, a peer learning event in Rovaniemi, Finland. The objective of the event was to share experiences and best practices in the fields of education, research, and innovation to foster inspiration among Higher Education Institution (HEI) administrators to explore new possibilities, opportunities, and paths to take to initiate innovation in their institutions.

To portray our project partners an accurate impression of the deep tech and entrepreneurship landscape in Lapland, we invited speakers from our local ecosystem to present their work and share knowledge.

The approach we took for this peer learning event was to begin by presenting about the availability, opportunities and challenges of implementing 5G technology at the University of Lapland. To do so, we invited a speaker from University of Oulu who has high capabilities in the field of 5G and Lapland University of Applied Sciences who is currently deploying its 5G network to share their view about implementing 5G at the University of Lapland.

After looking at the network capabilities we continued with a session about the research on 5G and entrepreneurship at the University of Lapland. The main point raised was that there is an increasing need to look at 5G technology from a legal and social sciences perspective since these disciplines can help address societal challenges concerning 5G. Since entrepreneurship is a crucial part of our project work, we invited an expert from the University of Lapland to present the start-up and entrepreneurship ecosystem.

Following two lively sessions about the 5G and Beyond ecosystem at the University of Lapland, the day continued with a session about technology and its utilization in Lapland, a representative from the Chamber of Commerce in Lapland gave our project partners a deeper insight into the region itself as well its opportunities and challenges. Since Lapland is a peripheral region in the Arctic, there are a few particularities to consider when implementing new technologies.

To facilitate the knowledge intake, we organized three site visits to meet local stakeholders and hear their stories and deepen the project partners’ understanding of the local ecosystem. 

Our successful peer learning event is part of a series of regional peer learning events across europe. You can find the recap of our first peer learning event in Valencia, Spain in the digital library and will soon find news about our upcoming peer learning events in Liberec and Thessaloniki.

Tech in Business Networking event at University of Lapland, Finland

by Tiina Mäki-Petäjä

On a winter afternoon, when it was plenty of snow and -10 degrees Celsius outside in Rovaniemi, Finland, students from different faculties in University of Lapland found warm welcome in networking event organized by Skills2Scale project. Over a cup of coffee inspiring conversations were held and ideas exchanged how deep tech, 5G technology and applications can lead to new business opportunities in Lapland. 

Skills2Scale Lapland team member Laura Ulatowski presented the project’s work and how it supports students in start-up activities, provides learning on 5G and Beyond Technology through online course (MOOC) and in building a regional 5G ecosystem. The event then continued with a presentation from one of the biggest 5G networks providers in Finland, sharing benefits of 5G usage as a consumer and also how businesses can benefit from 5G. Lastly, two student entrepreneurs from University of Lapland shared their business story from start-up phase to well established business. These companies take advantage of modern technology by connecting with staff, clientele and also by using the most up to date software, when performing business operations. 

Lapland holds enormous potential for businesses to take advantage of 5G technology. Students in the university are business-oriented, new business ideas are ready to be realized and new connections were made for future collaboration.  

Source: Stakeholder event held by Skills2Scale project: Tech in Business – Networking event, 30th of November, 2023, University of Lapland, Finland