Tech in Business Networking event at University of Lapland, Finland

by Tiina Mäki-Petäjä

On a winter afternoon, when it was plenty of snow and -10 degrees Celsius outside in Rovaniemi, Finland, students from different faculties in University of Lapland found warm welcome in networking event organized by Skills2Scale project. Over a cup of coffee inspiring conversations were held and ideas exchanged how deep tech, 5G technology and applications can lead to new business opportunities in Lapland. 

Skills2Scale Lapland team member Laura Ulatowski presented the project’s work and how it supports students in start-up activities, provides learning on 5G and Beyond Technology through online course (MOOC) and in building a regional 5G ecosystem. The event then continued with a presentation from one of the biggest 5G networks providers in Finland, sharing benefits of 5G usage as a consumer and also how businesses can benefit from 5G. Lastly, two student entrepreneurs from University of Lapland shared their business story from start-up phase to well established business. These companies take advantage of modern technology by connecting with staff, clientele and also by using the most up to date software, when performing business operations. 

Lapland holds enormous potential for businesses to take advantage of 5G technology. Students in the university are business-oriented, new business ideas are ready to be realized and new connections were made for future collaboration.  

Source: Stakeholder event held by Skills2Scale project: Tech in Business – Networking event, 30th of November, 2023, University of Lapland, Finland 

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