3rd Peer Learning Event of Skills2Scale project in Liberec

by Jana Šimanová

On the 23rd and 24th of April 2024, the Technical University of Liberec hosted our partners from the Skills2Scale project (we wrote about the project here). We were thrilled to share our experience in innovations and education for entrepreneurship with our esteemed guests from Universitat Politècnica de València (🇪🇸), Uzhorod National University (🇺🇦), University of Lapland (🇫🇮), NCSRD Demokritos, Fogus Innovations and Services and Envolve (🇬🇷).

The objective of the event was:

  • to share experience and the best practices in the fields of education, research, and innovation,
  • to ignite inspiration among Higher Education Institution staff to explore new pathways and opportunities to foster students’ entrepreneurship and innovation,
  • to stimulate the development of the innovation ecosystem in our home region and inspire the local, regional, and national stakeholders.

Detailed information can be found in our article in the Library.

Innovation Hub East at the Technical University of Liberec

by Jana Šimanová

We are proud to announce that on Friday, 1st March 2024, Deans Jaromír Moravec and Aleš Kocourek and CxI Director Miroslav Černík welcomed guests from the European Institute of Innovation & Technology (EIT) Urban Mobility – Innovation Hub East at the Technical University of Liberec. The guests from EIT were mainly interested in projects related to sustainable transport, autonomous mobility, energetics, and renewable energy sources. During the meeting, dr. Traian Urban presented all the activities of the EIT Urban Mobility – Innovation Hub East. Dean Aleš Kocourek introduced the EIT representatives to the structure of TUL and the research focus of its divisions.

Dr. Josef Břoušek presented research and development in autonomous mobility and Dr. Lukáš Hubka in the field of energetics and renewable energy sources. Later, the guests visited several research laboratories and attended demonstrations of prototypes of single- and two-track electric vehicles and autonomous vehicles. Many other topics were discussed throughout the visit, including the possibilities of coordinating activities for developing international cooperation of TUL in research, development, and innovation, as well as technology transfer and support for startups and spinoffs.   

Tech in Business Networking event at University of Lapland, Finland

by Tiina Mäki-Petäjä

On a winter afternoon, when it was plenty of snow and -10 degrees Celsius outside in Rovaniemi, Finland, students from different faculties in University of Lapland found warm welcome in networking event organized by Skills2Scale project. Over a cup of coffee inspiring conversations were held and ideas exchanged how deep tech, 5G technology and applications can lead to new business opportunities in Lapland. 

Skills2Scale Lapland team member Laura Ulatowski presented the project’s work and how it supports students in start-up activities, provides learning on 5G and Beyond Technology through online course (MOOC) and in building a regional 5G ecosystem. The event then continued with a presentation from one of the biggest 5G networks providers in Finland, sharing benefits of 5G usage as a consumer and also how businesses can benefit from 5G. Lastly, two student entrepreneurs from University of Lapland shared their business story from start-up phase to well established business. These companies take advantage of modern technology by connecting with staff, clientele and also by using the most up to date software, when performing business operations. 

Lapland holds enormous potential for businesses to take advantage of 5G technology. Students in the university are business-oriented, new business ideas are ready to be realized and new connections were made for future collaboration.  

Source: Stakeholder event held by Skills2Scale project: Tech in Business – Networking event, 30th of November, 2023, University of Lapland, Finland 

Two hectic days – 3 great events took a place on 21st and 22nd November 2023

  • Skill2Scale Digital Policy Forum
  • Skill2Scale Capacity Building on Start Up programmes for HEIs
  • Skill2Scale Transnational Brokerage Event

Three great events full of information took place during November 21 and 22.

First digital policy forum held on November 21st aimed to synergize efforts in deep tech and beyond 5G technologies with the regional innovation strategies outlined in RIS3. Key stakeholders from the HEIs, KICs, and relevant government agencies were brought together and discussed after an opening Keyone speech by Dimitris Dimitriadis.

Capacity Building on Startup programmes took place digitally on November 22nd. The goal of this event was to demonstrate how universities can develop internal mechanisms that will help students transform their ideas into innovative and viable startups, with a specific focus on incubator services. Best practices from universities were showcased.

Co-organised together with the Startup Europe Regions Network this Brokerage Event: Forging Collaborative Fronties was held again on November 22nd. The aim of this digital event was to encourage and enable effective partnerships that lead to successful collaborative projects in the field of Beyond 5G technology. The brokerage services helped to identify potential partners, facilitate introductions, and provide support for the development of partnerships.

It looks like a busy end od November, but there were even other events – follow our Library to browse through all of them.

Final Pitch Deck: Students from three faculties join forces to tackle 5G/digital health challenges

Author: Jana Simanova

It all started on 6th October with an Ideathon. During the three-hour event, representatives from T-Mobile, Linet and the Regional Hospital in Liberec presented their innovative challenges to thirty students from the Faculty of Mechatronics, the Faculty of Health Studies and the Faculty of Economics. During the Ideathon, the students questioned the challengers and expert mentors about the details of the problems and known solutions. In the end, they formed 4 teams with representatives from all three faculties and defined the goals of their joint projects and initial proposals for innovative solutions.

Over the next two months, the students worked on the solutions in their faculty courses and developed them according to their expertise – from a technical, economic and future user point of view. The work of the interdisciplinary teams culminated on 23rd November. In front of a panel of experts, the students presented their solution and business plan.The panel of experts included representatives from innovative technology companies and experts in the field of digitalisation and healthcare.

The winner of the first year of the 5G Interdisciplinary Innovation Lab was a team of students who designed a new solution for the paramedic team to share information about patients and the course of interventions between dispatch, hospitals and field teams in dealing with mass disasters.

For the full text of this article, click this link.

Skills2Scale MOOC on 5G & B5G Technology & Business Innovation Potential

The Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) of the Skills2Scale project, focused on innovation and entrepreneurship in the realm of Beyond 5G technology, is now accessible on the UPVx platform through this link. The course welcomes enrollment from any Higher Education Institution (HEI) student, regardless of their home institution or location, and it is free of charge.

This course is designed to provide HEI students with a comprehensive understanding of the fundamentals of 5G & B5G, highlighting the vast potential for innovation of these technologies and encouraging students to leverage it for the creation of new services and businesses, promoting entrepreneurship upon these emerging opportunities.

The MOOC is composed of four modules:

👉 5G Knowledge Essentials

👉 5G&B Potential for Innovation

👉 Entrepreneurship and Innovation leveraging 5G&B

👉 Best Practices in HEIs for 5G&B Education & Entrepreneurship

Hackathon 5G/Digital Health at the Technical University of Liberec, the Czech Republic

🌐On Friday, 10 November 2023, almost 20 students from the Faculty of Mechatronics studying smart technologies gathered at the TUL FabLab to participate in the 5G/Digital Health Hackathon as part of the EIT HEI Skills2Scale project.

The students are working on technical solutions to three 5G Health challenges – they are developing new solutions that could help paramedics in the future (the excursion to the dispatch centre in Liberec was inspiring, thank you!), as well as caregivers of Alzheimer’s patients or hospitals in tracking the movement of mobile devices.

During the Hackathon, students had the opportunity to discuss their solutions with a 5G expert from the national operator T-Mobile. The business and technical aspects of the projects were supported by people trained within the Skills2Scale project – Webinar on Beyond 5G Technology, Innovation and Entrepreneurship project. Many thanks to Pavel Hübner from IOT startup Hardwario and Lukas Abazid from T-Mobile!

But watch out❗ – this 8-hour Hackathon was just the continuation of the 5GIIL project at TUL – the students are working on their projects throughout the semester and will present their final pitch deck on 23 November.

Promotion of innovation and the establishment of startups involving Beyond 5G technology (@UzhNU)

The Startup Center of Uzhhorod National University (UzhNU), a State Higher Educational Institution, efficiently conducts initiatives to promote innovative education among its students and researchers, as well as government and business representatives, contributing to the development of the university’s and the Zakarpattia region’s overall innovation potential. The primary objectives of the center encompass the comprehensive development of its target audience by providing advanced knowledge in organizing innovative businesses and managing startup projects, offering qualified assistance in intellectual property rights protection, invention registration, utility models, and industrial designs, while also facilitating the commercialization of scientific developments.

The UzhNU Startup Center played a pivotal role as one of the organizers of a workshop held on Wednesday, September 27, 2023, for government, education, science, and business stakeholders. The event was aimed at introducing cutting-edge technological solutions, promoting partnerships between the university and external collaborators to advance innovations in Beyond 5G technology, accelerating the development and commercialization of innovations and student-led businesses, and enhancing the quality of innovation and entrepreneurial education.

In October 2023, the Startup Center of Uzhhorod National University, a State Higher Educational Institution, is organizing a startup project competition (https://www.uzhnu.edu.ua/en/news/Invitation-to-participate-in-the-competition-Startup—UzhNU-Inn.htm) with the aim of fostering innovation and entrepreneurial activity among students and young researchers. The competition also seeks to establish informational, organizational, educational, and technical support for students, postgraduates, and young scholars who aspire to implement their innovative ideas in production by effectively leveraging modern IT technologies. Additionally, it aims to implement networks and programs beyond 5G in various fields to contribute to Ukraine’s future economic development.

Source: https://www.uzhnu.edu.ua/uk/news/obgovor-real-proyekt-rozshirennya-mozhlivostej-visokih-tehnologij.htm

Skill2Scale Webinar on Beyond 5G Technology, Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Author: Michael Mandamadiotis

On Tuesday, 31st of October 2023, the second webinar of the Skills2Scale project on Beyond 5G Technology, Innovation and Entrepreneurship took place. This webinar was a part of a series of webinars that intend to enhance the capacity of academic staff, faculty members and administrative personnel of HEIs in fostering  institutional engagement and change in the field of Beyond 5G technology.
During this webinar, we explored how it is possible for a newcomer entrepreneur to exploit 5G and Beyond services to ignite innovation and create a successful business. Carlos Palau Salvador, an experienced professor of Universitat Politecnica di Valencia, the lead partner of the Skills2Scale consortium, was the first guest speaker. We had a very interesting discussion on the business potential of B5G technology, what services can be provided, real use cases, as well as potential barriers that block the adoption of 5G.

Following, Nick Vrionis, R&D Engineer of Infolysis, a successful Greek startup with more than 15 members personnel which exploits 5G to create chatbot apps, presented how their startup utilizes 5G to create value for their customers. With presence in the fields of retailing, marketing, tourism, education and maritime, Infolysis shows the way for commercializing 5G. However, the opportunities are not limited, since as Nick highlights, their research focuses on the development of new services and contribution to 5G/B5G use cases that are related to disaster recovery, smart cities, data interoperability, UAVs, training, Industry 4.0 and others. When it comes to B5G and data transfer, the use cases and the potential value are vast.

   Last speaker of the session was Maria Gabriella Anagnostopoulos, Chief Operating Officer of Envolve Entrepreneurship, partner of the Skills2Scale consortium and a business support organization that has been at the forefront of global entrepreneurial support since its establishment in 2012. Her input was valuable and focused on 5G and 6G Associations and Initiatives, such as the 5GPPP, NextG Alliance and others. Confirming Nick Vrionis, Maria answered to the question of a participant “As a startup supporter, what applications of 5G do you see in your field?” that B5G technology and the connectivity it provides can create services in various fields, while more and more use cases come up.

5G Key Aspects and Future  – Expert seminar for students of Business Administration at TUL

Read more: 5G Key Aspects and Future  – Expert seminar for students of Business Administration at TUL

Authors: Jindrich Cyrus and Pavel Pelech (Technical University in Liberec)

On Monday, October 30th, we held a special seminar for students of the Faculty of Economics. The topic was 5G – Key Aspects and the Future. The speaker was Dr. Jindřich Cýrus, head of Software Architecture and Development Department at the Centre for Nanomaterials, Advanced Technologies and Innovations at the Technical University of Liberec.

More than 60 students attended the seminar which gave them not only a brief overview of the development of mobile networks (from 1G to 5G and beyond), explained the basic technical background of the 5G infrastructure, introduced them to the 5G Alliance and the Skills2Scale project, but  – as they were students of the Faculty of Economics – also showed them the need to develop new applications, to think about automation and optimisation of processes and theimpact of costs. Obviously, the economic part of the seminar led to a very fruitful discussion between the students and Dr. Cýrus.

Finally, students were able to experience the latest example of augmented reality thanks to Microsoft Hololens – the same ones used by  the ANTE-TUL teams  for their automated guided vehicle, as we reported in our another article.

Many exciting questions were raised at the end of the seminar – some of themrelated the health issues that are (according to some of the students) associoated with the new 5G networks, but mainly thestudents see many great opportunities in both the business and non-profit sectors where the super-fast and low-latency communication is crucial and their questions were related to the future of 5G.