3rd Peer Learning Event took place in Liberec, Czech Republic

by Jana Šimanová, Aleš Kocourek, Ondřej Michal and Pavel Pelech

On the 23rd and 24th of April 2024, the Technical University of Liberec hosted our partners from the Skills2Scale project. We were thrilled to share our experience in innovations and education for entrepreneurship with our esteemed guests from Universitat Politècnica de València (🇪🇸), Uzhorod National University (🇺🇦), University of Lapland (🇫🇮), NCSRD Demokritos, Fogus Innovations and Services and Envolve (🇬🇷)

The objective of the event was:

👉 to share experience and the best practices in the fields of education, research, and innovation,

👉 to ignite inspiration among Higher Education Institution staff to explore new pathways and opportunities to foster students’ entrepreneurship and innovation,

👉 to stimulate the development of the innovation ecosystem in our home region and inspire the local, regional, and national stakeholders.

We had the fantastic opportunity to learn more about the upcoming activities of the European Innovation Community 🇪🇺 under EIT Urban Mobility and EIT Health in the region. We shared our experience and inspired our partners with the best practices in 5G use cases (automated guided vehicles, augmented reality enabling human-robot collaboration) and the latest innovations in additive 3D printing technology. The TUL’s best practices in educating for entrepreneurship and fostering the entrepreneurial spirit are undoubtedly the 🏎️Formula Student TUL Racing project, the 🏆Student Business Club or the creative workshop 🧪TULab. On the second day, we used the incredible opportunity to visit the creative community centre Kontakt in Liebieg’s Palace and the regional business incubator LipoInk. There, we met with startups and young companies from the region, including Flapper Drones, Hardwario and NullSpaces.

And what comes next? 🤩 We are passionate about supporting students’ entrepreneurship and have many exciting opportunities at hand for them to get involved in. We are holding our 10th annual competition for the best TUL startup (more here) and i-Days at the TUL for our inventive and entrepreneurial students in cooperation with EIT Health. The best team will represent the Czech Republic at the European finals in Budapest (🇭🇺)!

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