Skills2Scale MOOC on 5G & B5G Technology & Business Innovation Potential

The Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) of the Skills2Scale project, focused on innovation and entrepreneurship in the realm of Beyond 5G technology, is now accessible on the UPVx platform through this link. The course welcomes enrollment from any Higher Education Institution (HEI) student, regardless of their home institution or location, and it is free of charge.

This course is designed to provide HEI students with a comprehensive understanding of the fundamentals of 5G & B5G, highlighting the vast potential for innovation of these technologies and encouraging students to leverage it for the creation of new services and businesses, promoting entrepreneurship upon these emerging opportunities.

The MOOC is composed of four modules:

👉 5G Knowledge Essentials

👉 5G&B Potential for Innovation

👉 Entrepreneurship and Innovation leveraging 5G&B

👉 Best Practices in HEIs for 5G&B Education & Entrepreneurship

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